Where do we sing from?

When I ask singers, “where do you sing from?” I typically get 2 answers. The heart, and the diaphragm. Both answers are right, but they’re only partially correct.  After all, singing is the sound of your soul!

Here’s how we can understand this. For example, read the following statements and ask yourself, which hurts more?

“Your basketball shot is lousy” or “Your singing is lousy.”

Chances are you can shake off the basketball comment, but hearing “Your singing is lousy” is likely to hurt you a lot more and sink in under your skin.  Why is this so?  It’s because singing is connected to your soul and your self-esteem or how you feel about yourself.

Your Voice Responds To How You Think And Feel About It.  

If you’re ever feeling critical or judgmental about your voice, your voice will feel judged and probably not sound as good as when you were not judging it (usually when we’re alone). This is why many people sing better when they’re alone than when they’re in front of others.

However, if you feel good about yourself when you sing, your voice will feel good and be free enough to express itself from an empowered space – this almost always results in a better sounding voice too!

How Can I Feel Good about My Voice?

Diaphragmatic breathing is only first basic step to having natural support when you sing. In order to be an empowered singer it’s important to create a safe space in your CORE from which to sing. Because we live in a world that can often allow us to feel negative and unsafe, the first thing i teach singers is how to feed positivity into their core until it becomes natural.

So yes, the correct answer to “where do you sing from” is “THE CORE.”

What is the CORE? It is the supportive connection to a space deep within you, located in the solar plexus, (about 2 inches above the naval) that allows you to have a CLEAR MIND, a PEACEFUL SOUL and an ENERGIZED BODY. The breathing technique I teach helps singers gain clarity in their mind, peace in their soul and energy in their body!  By connecting to the earth and becoming centered in who you are – you’ll create this safe space within yourself to sing and perform from.  Using my 4x4x8 breathing technique, you won’t have to think about breathing when you sing, it will be a natural part of who you are – at a core level.

Let me know how you enjoy these empowering exercises and feel free to share your experience with me!