Singing On The Go!

Many of us are on the go and we love to sing but singing in the car without warming up first can actually harm your voice! Every time you sing you should always warm up your voice. Warming up your voice is similar to stretching before you run. It gets the muscles warmed up and frees any tension in your voice.

  1. Begin with Dot’s 4x4x8 Breathing to center the mind and encourage a peaceful soul (taught in lessons & available on my Practicing CORE Vocal Power® CD)
  2. Dot’s Simple Stretches – to release tension in the neck jaw and tongue
  3. Lip trills – to balance the vocal chords and take the edge off your passage areas
  4. Resonating – to enjoy and expand the depth and tone of your voice.

Warming up does not need to take longer than 15 minutes. Doing it daily will provide a foundation for a strong, healthy voice.


Q – What’s the difference between warming up your voice, and training your voice?

Dot – Warming up your voice prepares it for singing and never goes past where you’re comfortable. Vocal training is applying specific exercises to help take your voice to another level. For example, expanding your range and power. Vocal training is most productive with a reputable vocal coach or training program

Q – Why do I sound better singing in my car?

Dot – Because you are making the choice to enjoy yourself, and when we enjoy our voice and allow it to be what it is, it always sounds good to us.

Q – What is the safest and best vocal drill to do in my car?

Dot – When driving, your primary focus should be on the road. If your body has gotten used to breathing (grounding and centering) and doing lip trills without getting light-headed, and if your mind allows you to multi-task safely while driving, then these are great exercises to do. Also the stretches, including tensing the neck and jaw, tongue laps and sit ups and the scrunch stretch are a great way to open your voice.

Can you relate to “in-the-car superstars”?

Are you going to try the “imagination” exercise next time you sing in the car? Be sure to check back in and let me know how it goes!

Experiment with the techniques described here and then share your experience in the comments below or on our Facebook wall. Thank you.