Have you been watching the Olympics?

Even though they’ve been around forever, I still think it’s exciting to see the world come together in a way that brings unity because people are actually genuinely interested in watching another person who has disciplined themselves to excel in what they do.

These people spend their lives training for one moment in time – that sometimes might only last 9.8 seconds, like my adorable fellow-Jamaican Usain Bolt who once again set the world record for the fastest man in the world.

Regardless of what sport interests you – or not, I think we can all agree that this sort of thing requires training, and oftentimes the quality of training is easily overlooked. When it comes to singing – or really doing anything for that matter….I’m all about quality.

It’s easy to just assume that these people are merely training their bodies to perform a certain way. But at the end of the day – if you really watch them, the ones who actually win, they all have something in common. They are training their entire “INSTRUMENT” if you will, their MIND, SOUL & BODY.  And yes, they also have to warm it up too!

Usain is the perfect example.  In order to run the 100 meter dash, there is a certain kind of MIND set needed. One that is clear, and sharp. He has to be completely present as they say, “on your mark….get set…and as soon as that fire goes off – if he’s staring into space, he’s certainly not going to win.

Next, if you watch Usain every time before he races, he blesses himself. He’s addressing his SOUL – or the holiness within himself.

Lastly, Usain relies on his BODY to get him there, and we know he probably wasn’t born that ripped with muscles like that! And there is a good chance he probably didn’t always win every race he’s ever ran in his life, but he stayed in the game.

So…how does this relate to singing?

Like athletes, singers also need to use and warm up their entire instrument – not just their voice. Without the right kind of mindset and emotions, your voice can’t operate to it’s maximum potential.

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