If you struggle with feeling like:

• your voice isn’t strong enough,
• you don’t have enough breath support
• your voice sounds too thin
• you wish your voice was more magnetizing
• you simply want to get to know your voice better and find the sweet spot…
…then RESONATING, (the “R” in my winning C.O.R.E. formula) is a key component to add to your practice regimen that most singers overlook.  After six years of training in higher education, I still hadn’t learned how to resonate and really get to the most powerful places in my voice. It wasn’t until I came out of the hospital and had to heal an 8 inch scar along my CORE, that I learned this technique, which expedited my healing and built my voice to what it is today. I now teach this powerful tool to my students. Below are the basics. Once you learn how to do this exercise with sustained tone and focus, you can expand into toning, which means to sustain a note that doesn’t have lyrics or melody. Of course the position of your lips, tongue and cheeks, as well as your placement can affect the kind of tone you make.  However, this video is all about connecting to your unique tone and enjoying it. After breathing, this is the first and most essential element to help you mentally and emotionally connect to your voice and song.

Singers need to remember, it’s not just about what you do, but how you do it.  In other words – you might practice your vocal exercises and do well– even sing a song and hit all of the right notes, but find your vocal performance didn’t move anybody – including you!


As you get deeper into toning, you will learn how to sing through the chakras (vowels that activate points along the spine), which can rejuvenate your body, expedite healing and build a more powerful, resonant voice.  Today, we will be doing the basics.

Note: If you pay attention to your thoughts and feelings behind your vocal expression, you can be an empowered singer.

Follow these steps as you watch the video

1. Do Dot’s CORE Breathing by taking in a silent, loving breath.

2. Say “mmm” with lips that barely touch and notice how it feels along the spine

3. Notice what thoughts and feelings came up while you were singing the “mmm” sound.

4. Were you enjoying the feeling of the vibration, or judging it?  Practice enjoying your  supported vibration

5. Do the exercise with me, noticing different parts of your body as you hum.

Be sure to resonate every day as part of your practice before you sing your song.

Resonating Benefits:

  • voice becomes more balanced in tone
  • allows you to release any stuck energy or nervous energy before you sing
  • voice becomes more powerful and connected to body
  • voice becomes more connected to your soul
  • vocal range may expand
  • vocal flexibility and freedom
  • resonating may result in physical relief of headaches and more energy
  • promotes healing
  • lowers blood pressure (5 minutes of humming can reduce your blood pressure between 10-20 mmHg)
  • shifts and clears pathways and blockages, improving sinusitis
  • actives the parasympathetic nervous systems, therefore calms nervous system

Coming Soon:  CORE RESONATING POWER – an Interactive Warm up that builds vocal power, stamina and presence!