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My audiobook “7 Destructive Habits” contains breatkthrough discoveries about the most common blocks holding back performers today.  I guarantee this news will send you soaring along your vocal journey, taking your instrument to new heights!


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Track 1. Basic Ear Training (for the female voice)
Track 2. Blah’s – Explanation
Track 3. Blah’s (for the male voice)


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Vocal Training for the MIND, SOUL & VOICE that does the following:

  • corrects pitch
  • brings out your natural vibrato
  • helps you focus on your message
  • retrains your brain to overcome nerves
  • corrects rhythm
  • strengthens tone
  • expands range
  • builds mental clarity, presence, and power
  • develop your runs and riffs
  • develop your own unique style

…and MORE!