Find Your CORE Voice with Me!

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Dear Student,

I am giving you part 1 of  FYCV e-book,  absolutely FREE ($29.00 Value) in exchange for your feedback!

I truly hope this information will help you in your vocal journey. Please do not share this page or material with anyone.

After you read the book, which is an easy read of about 20-30 minutes, please do the following:

1. You may either write about what stage of singer you relate to most, and how this book helped you, and email it along with a picture, to



Pull out your smart phone or use a webcam on a computer to record a 1-3 minute video that describes where you were BEFORE reading the material and where you are NOW, after applying and digesting the information. In this video, make sure to tell a little about yourself and struggles and then address the specific benefits you got from reading this material in life and as they directly relate to your singing!

Example: “Before reading FYCV,  I was very shy and had a lot of negativity about my voice. I tried very hard to beat it into shape. I didn’t realize how some of my beliefs were negatively affecting my performance. After the applying the tools in the workbook, now when I record in the studio, I’m confident and my performance flows better. When I used the CORE tools from the workbook, I nailed my high notes with more power the first time and didn’t have as many takes! This workbook was a life saver!”
don’t try to memorize your script. Just speak from your heart.

Upload your video to youtube and email us your video link to
(In the meantime, please “Like” Dot’s Voice Studios on FB if you have not done so already!

Feel free to ask my any questions about the material. I’m here to support you. Thank you very much for joining me in this exciting CORE Empowering adventure!


Dot Todman

Your Vocal Empowerment Coach

Here you go! ENJOY!!