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All In-Studio and Skype lessons include Individualized Vocal Plan, mp3 or video recording of lesson, and vocal training materials. Questionnaire and free 10 minute phone consult included with your purchase.

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Singers, Actors, and Speakers of all Levels May Choose From the Following:

Train Your BRAIN
Mental clarity while singing and/or speaking
Magnifying Your Message
Ear training
Stage presence
Pitch Control
Balance of creativity and analytical mind

Connect to Your SOUL

Overcome nerves
Connect with your audience
Vocal confidence
Emotional connection
Song choice
Auditioning with star quality
Find your CORE voice

Balancing the vocal chords
Breath support and stamina
Vocal Health and Maintenance
Mixing head and chest voice
Expanding Vocal Range
Executing basic vocal runs
Mic technique
Movement and coordination
Freedom and flexibility
Vocal power
Speakers: voice & diction, articulation, body language
How to block your song
…and any vocally related concern