A couple years ago I was just fiddling around at home with the two songs “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin, and “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes and I realized the two songs are pretty similar. I created an arrangement doing all the vocal parts a cappella on my GarageBand and then last year I was in Sedona Arizona, and was playing up in the lovely mountains and just for fun, decided to grab some footage en route, and in the hills with my hair blowing out of control. Then I gave it to my dear friend, director, and editor Bryan Pitcher [who is currently working on a documentary] to see if he wanted to play with my very rough footage. And he did.

Of course, since then I’ve changed the arrangement and vocals and we also have ideas about improving the video, but it’s already been a year since the draft of the video was made! I’m admitting that honestly – I’m a perfectionist myself. As a vocal coach, I feel like there is no room for anything less. I always want to put out the best of what I possibly can, but yesterday…after humming and hawing, I decided to do an exercise. I asked myself “what would happen if I did what I tell my students to do? What if I just let go and TRUST that it’s good enough for now and I’m allowed to be WHO I AM NOW?” Heck, by the time I get all of that perfected – just the way I want it, a few more years might go by with the schedule that I have! I’ve learned through a recent loss, that time is a gift – and our time on earth doesn’t last forever…so I put this video out there to remind myself–and whomever else, to just have FUN, don’t take yourself too seriously and over-obsess about trying to get everything perfect, and don’t worry – BE HAPPY–take a risk!” I feel a sense of freedom and joy for having done this. I’m finally over it.

Sometimes life can make us feel “peculiar”, but when we tap into our “high” – highest vibration, and even get out in nature, we can feel very happy. And I want us ALL to be happy. So maybe in the future, I will do a really awesome version of myself looking like a rockstar and singing perfectly…but for now, here’s my rough draft with hair flying everywhere! Hah! I hope it makes you happy.

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