Tribute to Fēbi the Wonderpup!

The Music

Dot and Fēbi Sing

Listen to a few of Dot and Fēbi’s songs!

“Hey everybody! What do you think of my music?” -Febi

cartoon Febi 2

About Fēbi 

Fēbi, (pronounced “Fee-bee”) the award–winning 10 pound Shihtzu-Poodle has won the hearts of children and adults across America. Fēbi the Wonderpup has been featured in music videos and on Animal Planet’s, “The Planet’s Funniest Animals. She enjoys helping Dot teach vocal lessons to children and adults of all ages, styles and levels!

Watch Dot and Fēbi in Action!

Dot and Fēbi Entertain

Watch as Dot and Fēbi have fun and teach you life lessons!

Fēbi Story time - Intro

Fēbi & the Giant Monster

Who's Teaching who?

Fēbi Finds her Niche

Fēbi the Wonderpup Music Video!

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Fēbi the Wonderpup was featured in the centerfold of Animal Wellness Magazine and won the American Idol competition for dogs at age 5! Can you see her jumping through Dot’s leg?