The Introductory Course to An Empowered Voice

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• Tired of being frustrated with your voice and still not getting the results you want?
• Do you often turn on your favorite performer and wonder how to have their confidence, presence, power and technique?
• Do you have a gift that you long to share with others, you just don’t know how?

Finding Your CORE Voice was made for frustrated singers who may have trained for years, but still cannot find what they need to take their voice to the next level. It also serves those new to singing and helps them not fall into common traps that most singers do. This integrative program which will take you on a life-changing journey towards sharing your truth with the world in ways which are more powerful than you can anticipate.

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After 20+years of singing professionally, teaching voice lessons, and extensive research,  Los Angeles Vocal Empowerment Coach Dot Todman has created the first of it’s kind 6 Part-Online Vocal Training Program for students, performers, and teachers, designed to help you overcome what is holding you back and develop an empowered voice.

Actors, speakers and teachers can benefit from this program.  Finding Your CORE Voice will help you to understand yourself better and in the process, uncover the true power and tone of your voice. This program will help you work through your vocal issues and build the vocal confidence to allow you to use your voice from and authentic and powerful place. The bundle includes an eBook and Audiobook, as well as a comprehensive 6 Module Workbook to guide you every step of the way!