There is a gentleman in Pittsburgh who has integrated using his mediocre singing voice into his occupation. His voice certainly isn’t strong, flawless, and pitch perfect. It has some nice resonance to it and a sweet kind of fatherly tone. But how on earth did it get over 2 million views?  His singing act alone has uplifted the hearts of many and inspired millions of lives – especially after this video was made about him!  Let’s take a closer look at how his example can teach you powerful tools as an aspiring performer, and help you have an amazing and EMPOWERED NEW YEAR!


What He Does

If you’ve already seen this video, you know this gentleman is a doctor who sings to babies upon their birth. He has delivered thousands of babies, but why is this message of a man who sings to the newborn so compelling, and how can it help you sing better?  After I watched this video, I realized this man knows more about powerful performance than most professional singers!  And he’s giving away some great advice on singing.  Let’s take a look!


The Power of Intention

I pulled some quotes from Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja, that are very useful for singers to understand and take to heart.

He  says, “This opens a big connection….When I’m singing to that baby, I’m thinking, I’m singing to a  future important person… that’s the credit I’m giving to them…you forget about all the crisis going on everywhere for a moment…I enjoy another opportunity to celebrate with the family.”

Let’s break this down and find out why this is important for performers.


Step 1 = How to Show Up as an Empowered Singer

Quote: “This opens a big connection”

Step 1  of C.O.R.E. – Be CONNECTED. That means before you sing, be in your body, feel your feet and feel your heart. If you’ve ever held a baby, you know they have a way of making you very present, and full of love. That love just isn’t for the baby. You become the love and it’s this very love you owe to yourself every time you sing. Notice how connected this doctor his when he sings as he acknowledges himself in the present moment.

Tip: Be connected to the deepest loving part of yourself before you sing.  That means your feet connected to the earth and your heart – connected to your soul. 

Step 2 = How To Get Out Of  Your Own Way When You Sing

Quote: “I’m singing to a  future important person I’m singing to – that’s the credit I’m giving to them…you forget about all the crisis going on everywhere for a moment…”

This is a huge one for singers. Most singers think it’s about them, how great they have to sound, how they have to wow the other person. Well – obviously a baby can’t talk and tell the man, “Please stop!” So it doesn’t feel like there’s much of a risk here, but something very important is happening with this connection. And by the way, though I’m sure some would argue, I’m pretty sure the babies wouldn’t tell him to stop if they could – and there is a reason.

This man knows who he is singing to and why. He has an INTENTION or an OBJECTIVE (Objective is the “O” in CORE). It’s to make that baby know he’s a future important person.  Science has proven that when we sing, we raise our vibration, and the thoughts and feelings we attach to those sustained notes we sing literally are infused into the energy field of those who surround us. If we have joyful loving thoughts, others who resonate with it, will feel it.  The same is true with communication. Only 7% of communication is actual words. Sometimes singers get so concerned about how they sound, they forget what the feeling tone of the message is, and how that process doesn’t have to be hard. They get to obsessed with what others might think and feel instead of just letting go and allowing. If this doctor who isn’t even a performer can be inspired by his message and have a clear intention – why can’t you?

Tip:  Learn your technique, but as you learn it, have as much love as you would for a newborn baby. Act as if your voice is that newborn baby that deserves all the love in the world, and you two are a team.

STEP 3=How To Have A Quality Performance

Quote: “I enjoy another opportunity to celebrate with the family”

This man knows what he brings. He knows who he is. He certainly isn’t the next Pavarotti, but he knows the power of his desire to give love, approval, joy and warmth to these newborns.  He is in a space of celebration of their life and because of this, he truly IS raising their vibration!  If you don’t think babies can feel the power of a human voice, click here and watch this baby’s reaction when it’s mother sings.

TIP: Know who you are and what you bring, then choose to celebrate whatever your message is when you perform.  This will give you the quality of performance that can move others to their core, because you will be moved to your core.


Celebrating the New Year, New Day, New Moment!

Seems like at the beginning of each year we put pressure on ourselves to change into better people and hope that magically, if we set a New Year Resolution, we will be able to change all the things we did the year prior, all the bad food we ate during the holidays, quit all of our bad habits. Usually by week 3 of January, most people fall out and Blue Monday, (what is known as the most depressing day of the year) hits, and we start again down the spiral of guilt, fear and shame.
But that doesn’t have to be the case this year – or any day!

What if, like Doctor Jaja says, “It is a wonderful world”…and each day, we could remember how truly wonderful we are?  What if we could realize that each day was the beginning of a New Year, and we could just take small simple steps to what we wanted to create?  What if each day, we could feel as though angels were singing to us and celebrating our accomplishments, cheering us on, seeing us as important people who truly make a difference?  And what if every time we were about to sing, we remembered this?  Or…even a portion of it?

Here are some steps that I love to use every day that helps me to remember to stay on track no matter what.
  1. Gratitude (I do my breath of gratitude every morning).  I also usually list about 20 things I’m grateful for either on paper or verbally.
  2. I set my daily intention  – what do I want to feel today as I accomplish the things on my list. Is it more love, patience, joy, freedom, clarity, productivity, etc.
  3. Forgiveness. Each day, instead of holding on to the regrets and resentments of the past (and oh boy, I could muster up a lot, starting with being abandoned as a child and living in a foster home, being physically and emotionally abused, hating the solo I sang in 10th grade – you name it), choosing to look back at the past, smile, be grateful it has brought you to where you are now. Taking those lessons and knowing they serve as a powerful foundation for powerful singing!  This is a muscle performers must have.  You have to learn to let it go and keep moving forward if you want to be successful. These things are far more important than having perfect pitch. Remember when we do our vocal exercises together, particularly the call and repeat I force you to stay present with me – even if you mess up, “new moment, new moment, new moment”.

So, may you remember this sweet Doctor this New Year and his universal message with these lovely babies – to be kind to yourself, remember each day is a new beginning and know that your pure intention truly does matter.  Remember, first the thought, then the feeling, then lastly, the VOICE.  And if you’d really like to give yourself a four week course on how to train your entire instrument, click here.  I’m very excited that after 4 years of writing and 20 years of research, I’ve completed the first of it’s kind vocal training for your whole instrument!