Spring/Summer 2016


Singing Classes in and Around Los Angeles for Singers & Hobbyists of All Levels



Dot’s Vocal Empowerment workshops are built on her CORE Vocal Power® method, and designed to set you on an individualized journey that will give you all the keys (Mind, Soul & Body) to be in “the zone” and deliver powerful vocals when performing anywhere.

Classes address the psychology (mind), the physiology (soul), and the physical (body) make-up of your vocal identity, which means you will begin to understand how to tap into your “sweet spot” or what Dot terms, your “CORE VOICE.” The CORE VOICE is where all three of these areas converge to help you unleash your true voice and gain that extra edge and magnetism that immediately sets you apart from everyone else.

In summary, in these informative workshops, you will embark on a unique journey that will highlight your strengths, identify your weaknesses, provide tools to help you along the way, challenge you to make breakthroughs, and ultimately transcend your preconceived abilities. Leave each workshops with new CORE Vocal Power tools and gain benefits in your personal and professional goals.

*Important Qualifying Information:

Dot likes to individualize her classes around those who attend.  At minimum, in order to be eligible for a workshop, you must complete a questionnaire and participate in a short phone interview with Dot Todman. We recommend first attending a private session with Dot as these students will be considered first. Please Register and call 310-497-6193 to get started.

Where is the workshop held?

Workshops will be facilitated at a studio in West Los Angeles, California.

Detailed information, like maps, directions, and parking, will be provided to you when you register for the workshop.

Why should I attend?

In addition to all of the previous benefits listed, when you participate in a workshop you also receive these added values:

•  Access to recorded workshop materials (video & audio) for ongoing reflection, study, and analysis.
•  Get mental, emotional, and physical support from Dot and your fellow classmates.
•  Learn a daily individualized vocal practice regimen to continue building your voice even after the workshop.
•  Get a 1:1 critique & training from Dot.
•  Gain a sense of community and build ties with other industry professionals.

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 When is the next workshop and how much does it cost?

More information on the next workshop coming soon or you can sign up below to receive updated information as soon as it comes out.

IMPORTANT: Individualized workshops are limited to less than 15 people, and current students get first priority. Workshops always sell out, so don’t miss out. Register Today!

Registration Fee includes training materials  (reading material and audio mp3)

How is the Course Structured?

You work through the layers of your voice through the powerful principles of Dot’s award winning CORE Vocal Power®, as it applies to performance. Each session, you will be given vocal warm ups, exercises, instruction and feedback while your creativity is unleashed.

Who are the workshops for?

•  Any qualifying person age 14 and up* (unless otherwise indicated), who is committed to becoming their personal best at vocal expression and performance.

•  Anyone who might struggle with fear of hitting the wrong note under pressure and who wants to take their voice to a new level of power and authenticity.

•  These comprehensive workshops are filled with information that will deepen your understanding of the voice, and are structured to challenge and encourage the best in you. These workshops to those of you who are committed and willing to invest the recommended time into your growth outside of class.

Of course, everyone wants to grow and be better, be bolder, and be empowered. Are you one of the few who are willing to do the work that is required to get there? If so, then this is your next step. These workshops will challenge you to open in a creative and productive environment and there will be plenty of laughter, joy, and optimism to charge and uplift you along the way. If you are committed to your own growth, if you want to be challenged and have new experiences, and if you want to make a vocal breakthrough then these workshops have been tailor-made for you!


These transformational workshops are built on the proven CORE Vocal Power® method, and are designed to set you on an exciting vocal journey that will give you the Mind, Soul & Body keys to speak or sing with confidence, presence and power.

Workshops Themes:

1. * CORE Performance Foundations Workshop [April 2016]

2. CORE Performance Foundations II [May 2016]

3. CORE Vocal Improvisation Workshop [June 2016]

4. CORE Performance Master Class [Winter 2016]


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What is Empowerment?
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Of course it’s well worth the investment, but please don’t just take our word for it.

We invite you to listen to what others have to say about previous workshops, CORE Vocal Power® method, and Dot Todman.

Refund & Cancellation Policy: Workshop registration payments and deposits are non-refundable, but may be used toward future workshops.