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Whether you are aware of them or not, chakras play a huge role in how you express your voice.  Chakras are connected with your energy, and your inner world.  Sound is vibration, energy and information. We are made up of sound. When you sing, you are literally tapping into your chakras [inner world] and sharing your vibration with the outer world.  When you do this, it can feel very vulnerable and scary, because we are literally making a way for people to see inside of us.  Most people do this unconsciously, however, this is why singing is such a terrifying experience for many people. If you do not take the proper steps to open and align your chakras previous to singing, or as part of your singing experience, you might be left feeling like each one of your chakras has been invaded.

Here are a list of common chakra-related issues that I have seen surface for singers:

  1. Fear of being judged and not accepted.
  2. Feeling guilty for  hitting bad notes and not being perfect either now, or in the past.
  3. Being ashamed of how you sound or how bad you sounded in the past. Being disappointed in your voice.
  4. Feeling like you’re not worthy of being loved or having a voice that is lovable.

5. Telling yourself you are not good enough and believing it.

6. Believing that when you are singing, there is a separation between you and the audience.

7. Being attached to what other people think of you.

What’s most important in every scenario listed above is to literally surrender, forgive, and release all negative aspects relating to each issue.  However, this isn’t easy for most people to do.

My own vocal journey and healing brought me on the path to learning how to balance each of my chakras [a life-long continuous process] and create materials for my students to help them do the same.

When you sing with balanced chakras, you are more likely to hit notes correctly, have a more powerful breath support, appealing tone, fuller sound and  the ability to touch other people. You are free, powerful and sing with ease.

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