Author, Speaker and renowned Empowerment Coach Dot Todman, has been singing professionally, speaking, and teaching voice for over 20 years.  She advanced from directing a 90-piece choir at age 14, to earning a triple degree in Theatre Arts Education, Psychology and Music to becoming one of LA’s Top Vocal Coaches (Idol, MTV, Universal, NBC TV, etc). After surviving a life-threatening accidental surgery in 2007 and healing herself using mental discipline, musical creativity and nutrition, she created a leading edge revolutionary approach to empowered singing and lifestyle, called CORE Vocal Power® to do the “impossible” in Hollywood’s Music Industry, including teaching the deaf to sing!

Themes &  Musical Performance
As someone who was racially isolated and bullied as a child, Dot shares her specific life experiences related to the topic issue, in an interactive, humorous musical presentation to promote self-worth, creativity, awareness and leadership on issues such as:

  • Empowerment of the Voice
  • Vocal Health, Harmony & Healing
  • Spiritual Health
  • Stress Management
  • Vocal Empowerment Workshops [tailored to your group]

The C.O.R.E. Message
Dot is the author of “Finding Your CORE Voice,” and “Connecting Breath to Soul,” both unique guides to helping people understand how to use their voice to speak their truth and build presence and confidence in any situation.

* Message is tailored to your specific group.

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This humorous and unique interactive musical presentation teaches people to…

Ground, center – and tap into who they really are through the power of their voice.

Participants experience how every member of a group is important and how differences make up a powerful “VOICESTRA.”


Participants learn to trust in the essence of who they really are and develop the courage to express it.  We are all different, and being different makes a difference!

“From studying with Dot….I learned to empower my vocal ability”
~Victoria Justice, Actress/Singer; Victorious, Zoey 101

“I can think of no better mentor as I continue to learn command and mastery of my empowered self.”
~Tay Zonday – “Chocolate Rain” Singer/YouTube Personality

“ What a brilliant and fun way to teach important principles to a large group of young people.”
Nina C, Parent

“I could relate to her story, and even though I’m not a black person, I felt like she was talking to me the whole time. It made me realize that we are all the same on the inside and all the stuff I’m going through is actually helping me.”~Joey R, Student

“She gets you laughing, and then she will make you cry – and all the while, you are coming to terms with what it is for all of us to simply be a human being.”
~Kyra L, Student