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The World’s First Interactive MIND-SOUL-BODY Online Vocal Training Program!

  • Are You Tired of Getting the Same Results When You Sing?
  • Tired of your voice not showing up the way you wanted it to?
  • Tired of feeling like your own worst enemy?
  • Tired of sounding great at home or in the car, but weak in front of others?
  • Suffering from stage fright?
  • Do you Wonder if Your Voice is Good Enough for the World to hear?
  • Are You Noticing inconsistencies in your voice?
  • Do You Have Rhythm Issues or Pitch Issues?
  • Are you Tired of not being a confident singer?
Building Your CORE Voice is designed to Help You Overcome your pitfalls and propel your vocal journey!
In addition…
  • You will address every type of instrument imbalance that affects your performance.
  • You will learn what 90% of singers don’t know & What you never learned in school about your voice.
  • You will learn how to tap into a part of yourself that you may never have known was there.
  • You will learn techniques to inspire you to reach deep inside yourself and magnify your strengths.


Participate in a Repeatable 28 Day Program that addresses your MIND, SOUL & BODY, which includes your VOICE!

  • How to CONNECT to yourself, your music, your audience.
  • How to be OBJECTIVE and have an objective when you sing.
  • How to RESONATE with power and freedom.
  • How to do vocal EXERCISES without strain.
  • How to Breathe naturally from an empowered place
  • How to get out of your mind and into your SOUL when you sing
  • How to get out of your own way when you sing
  • How to keep your mind present when you sing
  • How to balance your vocal cords
  • How to balance your chakras and much much more!

Here’s what you’ll get:  

BCVP 3- DVD and Workbook
Video Training 
  • Go deeper into your psyche and deal with the root causes of stage fright, anxiety, lack of presence, lack of energy and vocal discomfort.
  • Learn 14 exercises and 56 instructional guidelines to safely warm up your Mind, Soul and VOICE!
  • Learn the fundamentals of how to build a solid foundation for your voice, and discover its power in a much deeper way.
  • Takes your training to a new level of awareness. Watch the video and use the workbook to help you go deeper into your practice routine, getting the most out of 14 Exercises & 56 guidelines.
  • Builds mental clarity, discipline, and presence, as well as helps you to balance your whole instrument.
  • This downloadable integrative workbook with a four week individualized training program will give you the structure, confidence and power to master your voice!


Vocal Warm Online Training
$39.99 FREE!
Practicing CORE Vocal Power Warm Up Audio Program

Receive a complimentary copy of Dot’s audio program that will warm up your entire instrument for any vocal performance scenario. While most warm up CD’s only focus on voice exercises and scale, Dot’s C.O.R.E. Vocal Power® Program also teaches singers how to center and ground their body, enjoy and expand the sound of their voice, gain awareness about maintaining proper vocal health and work through the most difficult parts of their voice.

Singing Psychology training
$34.99 FREE!
Finding Your CORE Voice – Unleash The Greatness That’s Already Inside You!

Receive this complimentary Ebook and audiobook that will help you discover your true, authentic voice. Finding Your CORE Voice offers the secrets of how to build a powerful relationship with your voice and gain the extra edge. Learn what kind of “Singing Mode” you commonly fall into and how to use this important information to overcome your pitfalls and propel your vocal journey. This Ebook and audiobook, will inspire you to reach deep inside yourself and magnify your strengths.

breathing, core building
$49.99 FREE!
Connecting Breath to Soul – Empowered Breathing Program

Receive this complimentary Ebook and Audiobook of Dot’s CORE Breathing program which will provide the foundation of support for performing with your whole instrument. This program can take your breathing to a place where you will be able to magnetize your audience as soon as you walk in the room. It will help you understand the importance of supportive breathing beyond the diaphragm, and develop the right mental wiring so that you can sing from your CORE Voice, which is your true, authentic voice.

$39.99 FREE!
CORE Resonating Power

Receive this complimentary interactive audio track that warms up the mind and soul and voice, so that you are open and free. It also stimulates your CHAKRAS and helps you release any energy blocks.

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Other Vocal Training programs only have 1/3 of what you need.

See how Dot’s complete method addresses your entire instrument compared to other products.


What Are People Saying About Building Your CORE Voice Training Program?

“It really surprised me what I discovered about myself when I was doing the workbook…I discovered that I tend to care way too much about what others think about me when I sing.”


“I found this workbook and Dot’s Training to really help me unleash and open up some of that power that I didn’t even know was there.”


“I think this book is extremely valuable for all singers to read…and not even just for singing! A lot of the stuff in this book can be applied to your general life.”


Get a Deeper Understanding of Your Vocal Psychology and Transform Your Performance!


(You save 60%)

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Who is Dot Todman?

Author, Speaker and renown Empowerment Coach Dot Todman, has been singing professionally, speaking, and teaching voice for over 20 years.  She advanced from directing a 90-piece choir at age14, to earning a triple degree in Theatre Arts Education, Psychology and Music to becoming one of LA’s Top Vocal Coaches (Idol, MTV, Universal, NBC TV, etc). After surviving a life-threatening accidental surgery in 2007 and healing herself using mental discipline, musical creativity and nutrition, she created a leading edge revolutionary approach to empowered singing and lifestyle, called CORE Vocal Power® to do the “impossible” in Hollywood’s Music Industry, including teaching the deaf to sing!

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