Now could not be a more important time to tune in to ourselves and what we want to create, and recognize our unique gift in doing this. Your voice is like no other. It deserves to be heard, felt and experienced.

I want to share with you another step in how to build an empowered voice, which is most powerful when it rests on a solid foundation. This foundation is in a clear mind and peaceful soul. We all know when we hold on to anxiety, fear, doubt, and worry, our voice becomes shaky, and can also result in “pitchiness” and sounding unconfident.  The good news is, there is a way to release all of that before you sing, so that you can have a more consistently powerful performance.


We release our emotions through vocal sound, sending a ripple of vibration through the physical body and energy surrounding it. The vibration of the tone ripples through the body and subtle energy system, drawing upon the body’s natural inbuilt systems of self-healing to strengthen and balance the electromagnetic field. Our thoughts and feelings are carried in the tone of our voice. Through vocal toning we restore health by stimulating the circulation and releasing held emotions and impacted memory.
One of my favorite sounds to sustain is the vowel, “AH”. It is the heart chakra and also the widest of all the vowels, [mouth is open with a relaxed tongue touching bottom of teeth] making it the most vulnerable vowel to sing on a physical level. Also, “Ah” is known as the sacred sound of God. In most languages, words that mean deity or reverence for deity have “ah” in them. Examples spelled phonetically: “Jes-Ahs”, “Jehov-Ah”, “Ahmen”, “Y-AH-weh”, “Halelu-Yah”, “All-Ah”, “Budd-AH” and the list goes on.
In the last article and video, I had you silently inhale, while hearing yourself say “ah” in your mind. This unlocks a sacred door within you that is connected to your heart, and allows you to expand from within, and yes, activates your diaphragm. I go into more detail on how to center this chakra in my other books and materials, but it’s best to start with just the idea of inhaling a silent “ah”, and toning [exhaling] on “Ah” can help you balance and release any energy that is stuck.



With dedicated practice and integration of the exercises, you can watch the quality of your entire life improve, and in turn, so will the quality of your vocal expression. Remember: the way we do anything is the way we do everything. When you are able to slow down and become more consciously aware and present in life, you will have this ease and presence on the stage. Doing your C.O.R.E. work can literally transform your whole being into a lighter, more powerful, freer you. This includes: connecting to your silent loving, “ah” breath, taking more conscious breaths throughout the day with more love in them than fear, humming more often to stimulate your entire body, and toning, which can literally shift your vibration and lead to healing. The exercises I have shared can help anyone start to reprogram their nervous system in a positive way, creating the best kind of conditions for a confident, powerful voice to emerge.

Please tell me how you enjoyed this exercise in the comments, and share with friends who might benefit.