Most singers may want to expand their vocal range, bridge the gap from chest to head, stabilize their larynx and sing with supported, natural power, but what’s important to remember is that none of these things can show up in their voice unless the conditions within them are favorable. In other words, no matter how capable and coordinated your vocal cords are, you’re not going to be able to show the confidence and power you want on the outside, unless you do something inwardly, at a core level, first. This is why many talented singers never find success.

In addition to a pleasing voice, singers need to have enough mental clarity and soul connection in order to tell a story, keep the interest, and move an audience with their presence. This skill doesn’t only come from practicing scale and songs technically–it comes from working with the entire instrument:  The mind, soul and body. That is what CORE Vocal Power, the system I created (after 20 years of performing, teaching and research), is all about.

What’s Scarier…?

Today, I’m asking you these questions: Is it scarier to show up in public with no makeup on? Or is it scarier to get onstage and sing from your CORE, expressing something internal and letting the whole world see that?  How are these two things the same?  How are they different?

What is Vulnerability?

The most powerful and effective artists are able to share and show their flaws – and to be “OK” with those flaws.  Experiencing this vulnerability explains why we love and connect with other people, because we are all human. What I’ve l learned from working with hundreds of students, is that we’re all the same inside.  We all have the basic need for people to like us and to like what we have to express.  But it takes a special quality to let go of wanting to be perfect.  And, we must be willing to let go.

How to Access Your CORE Voice

Over the past several years, I’ve developed tools that make it so much easier for you to let go and sing with your CORE Voice.  Your CORE Voice is the sound of the true, authentic, powerful you.  It’s the voice you hear when you sing in the shower or when you’re by yourself, or even the way your voice sounds in your mind.  I teach my students how to find their CORE Voice and how to sing with it!

The quality that each of us needs to possess in order to express our Core Voice is COURAGE. Not the courage to be brave enough to sing, but the courage to let go of the desire to be perfect, to let go of the desire to be in control.  Courage to just be who you are and to share it from your CORE, with the world.  It’s a bare feeling, of sorts, but after a while, you get used to it and before you know it, singing a song becomes your greatest, most empowering journey – in any situation. This level goes beyond sounding great – I want you to feel great too!
No one can give you courage or confidence, but I CAN teach you to tap into the part of yourself where they live!  I can help you open the door within yourself to access these attributes. The door is found in your CORE, from where your vocal power emerges. But how to get there?

The Best Conditions for Acting, Singing, & Speaking

Mind: Present and Clear
Soul: Feels Comfortable to Experience and Express
Body/Voice: Free and Flexible; Safe

Most singers try to sing from the outside in: “I will be satisfied when I can get my voice to sound great!”  That’s like saying to your best friend, “I will only be satisfied with you when you’re perfect.”  But most of us know that nobody is perfect, so we’re willing to take people as they are and focus on what we like about them. Interestingly, we seem to have a much harder time doing this for ourselves. Yet it is our relationship to ourselves that has a direct affect on our vocal confidence.

What most people don’t realize is that your voice responds to the way you feel about it and the way you treat it. If you abuse your voice and secretly tell yourself, “You idiot, you did that wrong! Don’t screw this up!” then that will be the underlying theme of your message as you are singing, and you will likely create unnecessary tension and blocks in your instrument. Most people can’t hide their thoughts while they’re singing because our voice is an emotional vehicle (energy in motion), and singers need to take responsibility for all parts of it – not just the physical.

As human beings – and especially as singers, we all want to be liked and accepted, but it takes a special quality to let go of wanting to be perfect as you desire to share your message with the world. That process can be scary for many people. However, the most powerful and effective artists are able to share and show their flaws – and to be “OK” with those flaws.  Experiencing this vulnerability in front of others while we sing, and still being able to shine takes COURAGE. This is the quality that opens the door for our CORE VOICE  to unfold, and that is what people fall in love with, because it’s real and authentic.

As a Vocal Empowerment Coach, I’ve created  CORE Vocal Power , which helps performers to develop the courage, presence and trust, to surpass all of that negative inner dialogue and sing from that free, open place that emerges when you’re in alignment with who you really are. That might start when you’re alone in your room, or singing in the car or shower, but pretty soon, it becomes the consistent you, wherever you are. I’m teaching people how to tap into that place, how to find your CORE Voice and take it to a whole new level.

No one can give you the instant courage or confidence to be vulnerable when you perform. However, I’m teaching you how to access that part of yourself where courage and confidence live. From that solid foundation, you approach the vocal exercises and drills, the songs and the performance that will move you first and then your audience.