What is Your C.O.R.E. Voice?

Your CORE Voice is your true, authentic, free voice. When you sing from your CORE, you are 100% present, you accept your voice 100%, and you feel 100% safe doing just about anything with it. (Example: vocal runs, riffs, harmony and improvisation). When you sing from your CORE Voice, you don’t have to worry about hurting it because you’re using a balanced instrument. You have complete command over your voice and it expresses through the real you. Your CORE Voice doesn’t have to be a “perfect” voice, but once you discover it, your voice will continue to evolve from this true foundation.

Benefits of developing your CORE Voice:

  • Sing freely without being nervous or “micro-managing” your voice
  • Begin to build upon the character of your voice
  • Create your own vocal signature
  • Add nuances such as vocal stylization, color, texture, richness, intonation, resonance and power. Usually, these nuances show up as a natural part of your voice, but can be accentuated as you create your own style–always honoring the message of the song.
  • Sing from the truest part of yourself in any situation

C.O.R.E. Vocal Power® is a revolutionary four step method, that addresses the mental and emotional components of vocal expression, along with physical voice-building exercises. This program is designed to help

performers of all ages, styles and levels prepare their entire instrument for empowered vocal expression and mastery.

CORE Vocal Power® Philosophy

The philosophy of CORE Vocal Power® is that when you strengthen and refine what’s on the inside (CORE), you benefit on the outside (VOCAL POWER).
 Instead of beginning with physical exercises, you are first guided to learn powerful tools that will prepare you mentally and emotionally, so that when you do learn the technical exercises, you will have a solid foundation and you won’t fall into the common traps of  becoming too mechanical, nervous, or damaging your voice.  These CORE foundation tools are vital to helping you deliver an engaging performance with vocal mastery.

When you do the CORE work, you discover how naturally powerful and dynamic your voice truly is. You will take it to new heights beyond your imagination while you learn how to use the inner muscle that opens the door to inspiration, and brilliance.

Unlike many vocal training programs, CORE Vocal Power® doesn’t require conformity or surrender of your uniqueness, but instead, enhances it.

Many people who use this program have experienced the benefits of having that extra focus, connectedness and singing power that gives them a professional edge over other performers and speakers.

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Teaches the Student to Know and Master Their Voice in 3 Ways:

The First Way:

psychological- brain

The psychological, which assists students in recognizing and shifting negative thought patterns in the MIND, and replacing them with positive, empowering ones. This allows singers and speakers to deliver their message with the clarity needed.

Helps improve: pitch issues, rhythm issues lack of clarity, self sabotage, confidence, remembering lyrics, improvisation, control issues, vocal awareness, ability to tell a story, etc.

The Second Way:

Soul- Chakra

The SOUL, which allows the performer to connect powerfully to the energy of their voice, energy their voice, and commit to the emotional message of the song, or performance.

Helps improve: nerves, anxiety, sensitivity, feeling empathic, a weak voice, energy blocks, balancing emotional energy, lack of stage presence, healing, etc.

The Third Way:

cross section mouth chakras

The body, where performers learn to master their VOICE and receive specific exercises tailored to the vocal muscle memory and physical stamina needed.

Helps improve: weak voice, larynx stability, range, vocal blowout, lack of stamina, vocal coordination,, vibrato, runs, riffs, vocal flexibility, dynamics, stylization, movement, power, etc.

Learn the benefits

“I have trained with many different instructors over the last ten years and even achieved an associates in vocal studies at an acclaimed LA music school, however I still felt that I had not fulfilled my vocal potential and was searching for further studies… I found Dot! Or rather, I believe that Dot was brought into my life to solve all the problems that I was creating for myself! • Not only has Dot helped my vocal strength and technique she has also brought me to be much more present and aware of who and what I am as an artist. She has taught me to trust and love my voice and has taught me how to access those parts that once felt difficult with ease and with great results…. and the whole time, I don’t even realize how she’s making me do it! • Whether you are an artsy creative or more corporate minded Dot has techniques to suit the individual, she works on a level much deeper than the muscles involved to produce sound, but rather the body as a whole, the mind and the importance of our thoughts in what we do, and the soul, encompassing the essence of who we are. • Dot’s voice lessons has not only changed my vocals for the better and my performance on stage, yet they have influenced my life as a whole!! Would recommend to anyone reading this site!! What are you waiting for??”

Colette in Collywood Colette in Collywood Singer & Model

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