7 Destructive Habits

All Performers Must Avoid

Build a More Confident, Powerful Voice by Overcoming 7 Common Habits
From Celebrity Vocal Coach, Dot Todman  (Universal Records, Idol, MTV)
7habits ebook
In the book, Seven Destructive Habits All Performers Must Avoid, discover your whole instrument and the bad habits that prevent singers from tapping into the awareness they need in order to advance their voice to the next level.  This program can also help producers, teachers, actors, and speakers identify the hidden issues behind performances that are not up to par.
You Will Learn:
  • How to take your instrument to a new level
  • What your instrument really is and how to empower it
  • How to tap into a part of yourself that you may never have known was there
  • What destructive “Singing Mode” you commonly fall into
  • Important information to overcome your pitfalls and propel your vocal journey
  • Techniques to inspire you to reach deep inside yourself and magnify your strengths


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